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About Country Mate  
Country Mate Technology (CMT) has been a major player in EMS since 1990 and focus on providing professional services to our customers in ODM, OEM and PCBA/SMT manufacturing covering a wide spectrum of consumer electronics, industrial control, medical and tele-communication. We have established good reputation among international brands to provide them good quality electronic products. Our head office is based in Hong Kong. Our factory is located in HuiZhou, the industrial zone besides ShenZhen Special Economic Zone of PRC. Which is a well equipped 35,000 sq. meter, 1800 people modern factory with compliance of ISO9001 and ISO14001 international standards.  
Design Capabilities  
CMT is capable in offering turnkey solutions such as ODM/OEM EMS services. Our 97-person professional R&D team which includes industrial design, mechanical design, electronic design and reliability testing, can assist our customers to speed up the product development cycle, and do all the required pre-certification testing.
Industrial Design   Mechanical Design   Electronic Design   Reliability Testing

Manufacturing Capabilities  
The factory of CMT is equipped with 7 fully automatic SMT lines which can produce 6 million components daily. 22 efficient assembly lines with total productivity at 10 million pcs per year. The complete and effective quality control system of the factory can guarantee very low dppm product quality, and finally with our strong logistic and shipping support to ensure smooth and uninterrupted product delivery to worldwide.
SMT Lines   Assembly Lines   Quality Control   Logistics



  1. BT In-ear Headset
  2. BT ANC Headset
  3. BT Gaming Headset
  4. BT NFC Headset
  5. BT Stylish Speaker
  6. BT Stylish Headset1
  7. BT Stylish Headset2
  8. BT Stylish Headset3
  9. Portable WiFi Router
  10. CM-1BC08-001